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This is a project that utilizes the CERN-developed CernVM virtual machine and the BOINC virtualization layer to harness volunteer cloud computing power for full-fledged LHC event physics simulation on volunteer computers.
This is just a BOINC server. Please visit the LHC@home information for more information. If you have any problems or questions please visit the Message Boards, Questions and Answers and FAQ.

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Scheduler and vbox update to detect 64-bit enabled computers
The BOINC scheduler has been updated to detect 64 bit machines that do not have the virtualization hardware extensions enabled. Also vboxwrapper has been updated for better error handling, and vboxwrapper 26193 is now deployed for Windows and Linux for the Theory application.

Many thanks to RomW for providing these changes!
20 Jun 2016, 8:45:59 UTC · Comment

CMS Jobs Available Again
There was a fault with a server at CERN last night, which meant that we could not submit new CMS jobs, so we ran out.
However, the problem has now been fixed and CMS jobs are available again. Many thanks to the staff who worked Saturday night and Sunday to fix the problem.
5 Jun 2016, 16:48:31 UTC · Comment

Infrastructure Update
The authentication server used to get the proxy has been changed. New tasks from now on will use the new server. This change should be transparent but in case everything breaks in the next few hours, this will be why. 24 May 2016, 13:31:00 UTC · Comment

CERN Bulletin
This article was published in the CERN Bulletin yesterday.

18 May 2016, 11:20:48 UTC · Comment

Project Configuration Update 2
Some project configuration parameters have been changed to help avoid hosts being swamped with tasks and to back off problem hosts.

<daily_result_quota> 2 </daily_result_quota>

<max_wus_in_progress> 1 </max_wus_in_progress>

<max_wus_to_send> 1 </max_wus_to_send>

<min_sendwork_interval> 60 </min_sendwork_interval>

Note that the values are multiplied by the number of cores and we estimate tasks lasting for at least 12 hours.

Ref: https://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/ProjectOptions

Please post if this causes any problems for anyone. 3 May 2016, 19:22:10 UTC · Comment

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